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French Guinea Keets

Guinea Fowl originated in the dry regions of Africa, and were introduced to the United States before the Civil War. The demand for Guinea Hens is increasing as they are becoming known for their tender, lean meat. J.M. Hatchery imports their breeding stock of Guinea Fowl from France. This French Guinea breed is often raised for meat as the birds grow twice as fast and are about 2 pounds heavier than the common Guinea Fowl. Their dark meat is demanded by many restaurants.
Guinea Hens have a standing reputation for their "watch dog" personalities and for their helpfulness in reducing the insect population, including ticks. The delicately speckled eggs hatch into young birds called "keets." Keets mature into birds known for their unique ornamental value. After the keets have grown past two weeks old, they are one of the hardiest domestic fowl.

Myth - In recent years a myth has spread concerning French guineas and an inability to reproduce naturally. This is simply not true. French guineas are natural and normal in every way and can reproduce like any other guinea. Guineas are wild birds and no type of guinea reproduces well if confined inside a barn. Therefore, if French guineas are allowed to free range, they will reproduce naturally like any other guinea.

For information on caring for Guinea Fowl, please see our Guinea Care page.

15 - Minimum Order from April 1 - Oct. 31
25 - Minimum Order from Nov. 1 - March 31

J.M. Hatchery offers Guinea Fowl Keets for sale.
New broods hatched and shipped every week of the year on Wednesdays.


AVAILABILITY:  Next available ship date - Currently sold out until February 4, 2015.

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