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Freedom Ranger Chicks

Click this image for a slideshow of Colored Range Chicks
Click this image for a slideshow of Colored Range Chicks

The Freedom Ranger day-old chicks are hatched in the heart of the Pennsylvania Dutch Country. The breeding stock is imported from the regions of Burgundy and Brittany (France). The genetic stock is derived from the American and European old heritage breed of chicken and was developed in the early 1960’s to meet the highest standards of the French Label Rouge Free Range program. Currently, the Freedom Ranger genetic stock is used by most non-factory farm production models (alternative) all across Europe and also by small pastured poultry producers in search of a traditionally raised farm chicken - just like the "oldies", healthy and with a succulent flavor and texture.


Since our Freedom Rangers are a slower growing breed, they are naturally better suited to the higher welfare and all true natural rearing systems (full pasturing, free range, organic, certified, backyard etc.…). In the United States most modern poultry industrial production models use fast growing breeds (hybrid white synthetic Cornish crosses).

Natural instinct and behavior is preserved in the selection and growing methods of our Freedom Ranger breeding stock. It goes without saying that our birds love foraging in pastures, free ranging outside, always looking for natural sunlight and fresh air, as well as ground scratching and dust bathing.

At J. M. Hatchery Inc. we strongly believe in traditional, sustainable, and environmentally friendly farming methods, and we are convinced that allowing the chickens to do what comes naturally ensures an incredible meal for your table!

Our current assortment of Freedom Ranger day-old chicks is made of:




*Poulet = Chicken in French (pronounced [poo-lay'])

Performance goals under true natural rearing systems:
Based on the results and experiences of our own flocks and our customers’ flocks, the Freedom Ranger assortment will reach 4 to 5 LBS Live Weight in a minimum of 9 weeks and a maximum of 11 weeks. In no way does this data constitute a warranty or guarantee of the same performance as conditions of nutrition, management, health, density or physical and biological environments (weather and relief) vary from producers to producers.

For quality natural non-GMO feed, try www.hilandnaturals.com

For a quality chicken tractor please consider www.eggcartn.com


NOTE: When you order Freedom Ranger chicks, you will receive a random assortment of all in stock varieties mentioned above. We cannot separate by line at hatching, so please do not request specific counts of a particular line of chicks.


Note: Chicks are hatched every week of the year.


We are happy to announce that we have transferred sales of the Freedom Ranger chicks to our son-in-law, Kendall Fox, Freedom Ranger Hatchery, Inc.  Kendall has been doing an excellent job hatching these chicks for us for the past three years.  JM Hatchery will continue to own and manage the breeding flocks that produce these fine chicks, therefore, you should see no difference in the quality of the chicks that you receive.  The sales and ordering process have simply been transferred.  

Kendall & Ginger

Kendall, Ginger & family


On August 1, 2012, Kendall & Ginger began a 3 year term of missionary service on the island of Grenada.  Arthur & Lisa Detweiler (Ginger's sister) have taken over the responsibility of running Freedom Ranger Hatchery, Inc. while the Fox's are gone.  You can continue to order directly from Art or Lisa at  www.Freedom Ranger Hatchery, Inc. or contact them at:


Freedom Ranger Hatchery, Inc.

190 North Blainsport Road

Reinholds, PA  17569 


www.freedomrangerhatchery.com - website

sales@freedomrangerhatchery.com - email



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Reviews / Comments
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Twice over, Thank You
"Once again my family thanks you - your baby chicks are awesome, they arrived just when you said they would and they were so feisty that they were actually chasing me around the coop, seriously!! Thank you for everything."
Oct 11 2011, 04:10 AMby Michelle Smith

Once Again, Thank You~
"Hats off to the JM Hatchery Family - You have out done yourselves again. The Freedom Ranger Chicks arrived at our home Once again bright eyed and very alert, no losses during shipping or since their arrival. They are the best tasting meatbird that we have ever had--I recommend anyone looking for the best tasting meatbirds to look no further---You have arrived - JM Hatchery/Freedom Ranger Chicks are the very best!! (Can't wait for Dinner:))"
Sep 26 2011, 03:35 AMby Michelle Smith

"Kendall appears to be breeding himself!!! Five "chicks" and probably more on the way. He'll need to sell a lot of chickens to pay his future "chicks" bills. You go boy!"
Jul 27 2011, 20:17 PMby Anonymous

Comment: Great birds
"I just settled in the 62 freedom rangers that came today. They arrived alert and healthy looking. No losses. I just wanted to let you know how nice it is to receive healthy birds. We ordered the same amount of chicks last spring and they were great. They work out well with our pasturing system and they are also quite pretty to look at. We are excited to continue with your freedom rangers. Keep up the good work!"
May 20 2011, 17:17 PMby Anonymous

Great experience
"My friends and I decided to raise some meat birds in our urban environments for the first time this fall and chose Freedom Rangers after some comments on a chicken board. We ordered 30 and received 32. We processed half at 10 weeks and the other half at 12. These birds were fantastic in every way. None were lost and processed weights were between 4 and almost 8 pounds. The meat is fantastic, the birds were a joy to raise. We'll be ordering 50 more in February!"
Jan 05 2011, 17:29 PMby Nathan Strange

Freedom Rangers
"The FR chickens I got were fast growing and very tender. I liked them better than the Cornish X."
Nov 13 2010, 20:26 PMby John kelsey

Best chickens ever
"Hi folks, I had to pass along some of the good calls I have been getting from my customers this year. Folks are calling me and telling me that its the best chicken ever. So I wanted to pass the news along. I raised them free range and veggie feed, took a little longe but worth the time. I will be back next year. Keep up the fine work. Bob Faller"
Oct 07 2010, 21:37 PMby Bob Faller

Thank You!
"Hi just wanted potential customers and JM Hatchery to know how pleased we were with the colored rangers. I have never had such a great bird show up at my house ever - when we received our day old chicks they were all alive and bright eyed and bushy tailed! We did not lose any during or after shipping and none of them had pastey butt (not stressed from shipping). We butchered at 13 weeks and all the birds dressed out from 4.11 - 7.10 lbs, most dressed out at around 6lbs and above. I also want to thank Joel for his patiences in answering all my questions. I am hoping to re-order in a couple weeks and doing it all over again before christmas - since we do are own butchering I need to be done before it gets to cold. From my house to yours---We thank you!"
Aug 27 2010, 22:58 PMby Michelle Smith

Freedom rangers live up to their name!
"I just wanted to say that these chickens live up to their name! The Freedom Rangers that I ordered from your hatchery are now 5 weeks old and bulking up nicely. We are raising them as a small flock of backyard meat chickens. From day one they have been active and curious, and once they went out on pasture they displayed all of the foraging activity that I had been hoping for. They roam around eating lots of grass and the occasional insect, watch the sky vigilantly for hawks, and scoot quickly to cover if they spot any danger. This is very important because I wanted them to be truly freerange, and now they can have their freedom during the day, and get locked up in the chicken tractor at night. They are appropriately wary of people, but since my boys handled them so much as chicks they are not alarmed when we come near, and consent to be held and herded around as needed. All around our experience has been very positive so far, and we can't wait to see how they taste!"
Aug 22 2010, 15:26 PMby CF

Great Fredom Rangers
"We have a small organic fowl farm in Climax NY, Susie's Climax Creations. Your Freedom Rangers have surpassed our expectations even with the terrible heat spell we had thru July. We had to schedule to take them to the "salon" two weeks earlier then expected! They filled out wonderful. Thank you for your birds and great service. Susie"
Jul 25 2010, 18:42 PMby Susie

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