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White Muscovy Ducks

Muscovy Ducks originated in Brazil and were domesticated in Europe. White Muscovy Ducks are best suited for meat production and make up 90% of commercial production of duck meat. We've improved our White Muscovies through natural selection, producing birds that grow up to 50% larger than other Muscovies. The males can weigh 12 pounds in 12 weeks. The meat is less greasy and with a lower fat content than other ducks. They are known to have a sense of humor, are intelligent, and love to fly.

  The Muscovy Drake is distinguished by caruncling - a unique crest around the eyes and above the beak.

White Muscovy Ducklings are now offered for sale by Fifth Day Farm, Inc.  We are hatching the muscovy ducklings every Tuesday, year round and deliveries will be by USPS Express Mail.

Pricing: (these prices do not include the fee for Express Mail Shipping.  You will need to call 717 445 6255 for exact shipping costs)

15-49 ducklings  $6.00 each
50-99 ducklings  $5.00 each
100+  ducklings  $4.00 each



We are happy to announce that we have transferred the management, sales, and ownership of the duckling division of our business to Stephen E. Horst, our son-in-law. Stephen has been an excellent employee at JM Hatchery for the past three years.  Therefore, for all future duckling orders, please contact Stephen directly at:

Stephen E Horst

Fifth Day Farm, Inc.

202 Oak Lane

Terre Hill, PA  17581





Stephen & Sonya
Stephen & Sonya

Price: Call for price

Product Code: WM
See description for instructions on ordering.
Reviews / Comments
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White Muscovies
"Ordered 15 ducklings and recieved 16 healthy ducklings last spring. They did wonderful. VERY tame big and meaty. My son won Reserve Grand Champion Market pen at county fair. HIGHLY recommend Fifth Day Farms - will be ordering in the future. Thank You!!"
Aug 13 2014, 18:54 PMby Very Pleased!

Comment: Very pleased
"Our ducklings arrived on time, they were very healthy. They are 2wks old now and very tame. In the future all of our orders will be from Fifth Day Farms."
May 09 2014, 01:07 AMby Jim of WV

Nice birds
"i have raised 2 groups of 25 of these now and i like them very much. They seem to be less needy than my other meat birds. They are nice sized birds as i take mine a little farther then most to 4 months. i will buy them again. Maranatha"
Jul 10 2013, 21:27 PMby Barry

"Received our ducks promptly ( one extra), grew up healthy and beautiful. Definitely ordering more!!"
Sep 21 2012, 00:22 AMby Anonymous

Beautiful Ducks
"Our Muscovy ducklings are now 8 weeks old and I can say that they are the most delightful ducks I've ever had the pleasure of owning. I highly recommend purchasing your ducklings from here. <br /> <br /> If you would like to see the progress of our Muscovy ducks, you can visit us at highdesertchronicles.com and put "muscovy ducklings" in the search. <br /> <br /> If we ever need to increase our flock, we'll definitely purchase from J.M. Hatchery again."
May 22 2012, 16:37 PMby Angela

Comment: White Muscovy Duckling!
"July 10th i drove to the hatchery to get my duckling. the guy working was very nice. he told us things we could feed her ect. The place was very clean and my new duckling is doing very well. she is 10 days old. i am very happy with the service. thanks so much. -carly"
Jul 20 2011, 21:55 PMby Carly

Tickled Pink!
"It's been several months now, since I picked up by foursome directly from Stephen. I have to thank Stephen profusely for locating me. I had driven to PA, from SW VA and was lost within the town. He drove to my location and brought the ducklings with him. What a wonderful and sweet boy! As for these four ducks, oh my are they the sweetest! There's quite a difference between my hatched feral muscovy ducklings and these babies! They are full of character and are very naughty! I love them and encourage every poultry lover to order a few! JM Hatchery is a unlike other hatcheries. They truly take care of their customers! Michelle"
Nov 08 2010, 21:21 PMby Kathleen

Superior Service
"Thank you JM Hatchery for your superior customer service. Thank you for personalized service that was beyond what was expected in every way. The ducks I received were lovely, happy, and healthy. I am happy to report they are doing well. I am looking forward to the Freedom Ranger chicks I ordered for later this spring."
Apr 29 2010, 14:25 PMby Bonnie Farrell

Great Muscovy Ducks
"We ordered muscovy ducks from J and M Hatchery this year and were very happy with the quality of the ducklings. We lost none in the mail and they were super healthy, grew fast and provided lots of wonderful meat. They were heavier than some other muscovy ducks we had purchased at the same time from a local farmer. I would recommend these to anyone who loves duck meat. Less fat, more meat and delicious. We also kept some back as they are exceptional at insect control and they are not flighty and kind of friendly."
Oct 23 2009, 08:12 AMby Tai Johnson-Spratt

Ducklings fine after long trip
"I just received my order for 15 white muscovy ducklings and I am very pleased to see that despite my distant location (northwest WA state) and the warning that some of the ducklings might not survive 2 days of shipping all 16(!) ducklings arrived healthy and hungry.  Thank you JM!"
Aug 07 2009, 13:53 PMby S. Samms

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