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Khaki Campbell Ducks

Khaki Campbell Ducks were bred in England by a Mrs. Campbell. Her expectations of a prolific layer were realized. The Campbell Duck is preferred for commercial egg production with one duck laying over 300 eggs per year. While they are not usually raised for meat, Khaki Campbell Ducks make high quality, lean roasters. They are a hardy breed of duck and are excellent foragers. The ducks and immature drakes are an even khaki color with a dark greenish bill. As the drake matures the head and the neck become greenish.

Khaki Campbell Ducklings are now offered for sale every first Monday of the month by Fifth Day Farm, Inc. 

Pricing: (these prices do not include shipping)

15-49 ducklings  $3.75 each
50-99 ducklings  $2.75 each
100-499  ducklings  $1.90 each
500+ - $1.60 each



We are happy to announce that we have transferred the Khaki Campbell duckling business to Stephen E. Horst, our son-in-law.  Stephen has been an excellent employee at JM Hatchery for the past three years and now has taken on the management, sales, and ownership of the duckling division of our business. Therefore, all future orders must be placed directly through Stephen at:

Stephen E. Horst

Fifth Day Farm, Inc.

202 Oak Lane

Terre Hill, PA  17581




Stephen & Sonya
Stephen & Sonya

Price: Call for price

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See description for instructions on ordering.
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