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Bantam Silkie Chicks

An ancient breed of chicken, the Bantam Silkie is an unusual variety of chicken. The most unusual feature is the texture of their feathers which is almost fur-like in appearance and soft to the touch like hair. Bantam Silkies are also known for their gentle nature and nuturing toward their chicks. Because of this they are easily tamed and make excellent pets. They are dedicated setters of their own or even other eggs. They lay between 90 and 120 eggs per year. Bantam Silkie Chickens can often be observed cleaning and preening their feathers, often spending hours placing each individual feather in place.

J.M. Hatchery offers White Bantam Silkies Chicks for sale to be shipped on Mondays.

15 - Minimum Order from April 1 - Oct. 31
25 - Minimum Order from Nov. 1 - March 31




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