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A family owned hatchery of domestic poultry

French Guinea Fowl Keets

Guinea hens have a reputation for their "watch dog" personalities and for their helpfulness in reducing the tick population. The keets are hatched and shipped every week of the year.
French Guinea Keet

We are an NPIP certified hatchery and welcome your orders for Guinea Hen Keets and Silkie Bantam Chicks.  For contact information for ordering the Freedom Ranger Chicks, Khaki Campbell Ducklings, or Muscovy Ducklings, click on the bird at the left.

All of our lines are hatched each week of the year, except Khaki Campbell ducklings, which are hatched the first Monday of each month.

We package and ship our birds immediately after the chicks are hatched.

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White Bantam Silkie Chicks

White Bantam Silkie Chicks are excellent setters and their gentle nature makes them an asset to any homestead.

Bantam Silkie Chick

Freedom Ranger Chicks

Our French Colored Range Breeding stock produces slow growing broilers. These broilers are strong, robust and they are highly suitable for free range, organic, pastured and welfare friendly environments.
Color Range Broiler Chick

White Muscovy Ducks

These White Muscovy Ducks were bred in France for increased meat production. The lean, tender meat is desired by many restaurants.
White Muscovy Duck

Khaki Campbell Ducklings

Commercially respected Khaki Campbell Ducks lay as many as 300 eggs per year.
Khaki Campbell Duck


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